Be a JR Fashion Stylist

We’re starting a REVOLUTION
and it begins with YOU !

Imagine learning fashion stylist skills, becoming a role model for the younger generation, and discovering what is possible in the fashion industry; all while earning community service hours for college.

We’re searching for young women from every high school and college in America to be trained as JR Fashion Stylists. Join the movement that’s going to change lives and flip the fashion industry right side up!


Who we are


Reveal Your Dignity was founded on the premise that all young women are worthy of honor and respect. Since what we wear exposes our character, we desire to coach high school and college-age young women, who have a passion for fashion, learn valuable skills to be trained as JR Fashion Stylists so they can confidently share their newfound expertise with their peers and  younger generation. Through this experience, our JR Fashion Stylists will become role models and world changers as they instruct others to dress with dignity and also discover what is possible in the fashion industry while earning community service hours doing something they love!


What we do


    • TRAIN young women to become JR Fashion Stylists.


    • BUILD confidence by helping girls dress with individuality.


    • EMPOWER the girls to dress with honor and respect.


    • TEACH stylists how to present themselves with dignity.


    • EDUCATE stylists through LIVE training, continuing ed.


  • SUPPORT stylists by our team of professional stylists.



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Would you like to be a fashion stylist?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of an innovative program as unique as your talents and aspirations?

Take our quiz and see if you’ve got what it takes!

If learning from professional stylists and creating a style portfolio sounds like a dream come true, take our quiz and see if you would make the ideal JR Fashion Stylist!


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